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mariah nick Twins For Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon !!!

Nick Cannon Confirms that wife Mariah Carey is expecting “more than one”!

Check out the video below of the happy couple.

Pregnant Mariah A VERY Pregnant Mariah Attends Hubbys 30th B day

There’s no hiding that belly.  Mariah attended hubby Nick Cannon’s 30th birthday party this past Friday.  According to various sources, Mariah has been trying to keep the pregnancy on the hush.  She can try to hide all she wants to but she isn’t  fooling us.

Follow the link for more pics [More]

nickaspenmariah Word On The St. Bart Streets Is That Nick And Mariah Are Pregnant

The lovebirds are expecting

Initially I was a little shocked that Mariah and Nick Cannon had secretely gotten married, but this couple is starting to grow on us.  Besides, who are we to sit back and judge, when two people proclaim their eternal love for each other? 

Anyhow, word on the streets of St. Barts is that the happy husband and wife are definately pregnant.  As one bystander put it, “she has that pregnant glow”.  We don’t have the official word just yet, but we’re pretty sure we’re right about this one.


mimi ellen MIMI Just Admit It!!! Youre Pregnant ...Ellen Puts Mariah On The Spot Today


Mimi makes a guest apperance on the Ellen Show today surprisingly enough not wearing her usual street walker attire. Could this be because she is hiding something? We think so!!! But only 9 months will tell.   She is denying all of the preggo rumors that are going around.  But Ellen handles her biz and puts MiMi on the spot.  Mariah just come out with it, you know your biological clock is almost out of time.

Check the Convo between Mariah and Ellen:

Ellen: “People are saying that you’re pregnant. There are rumors.”
Mariah: “No, that’s ok …”
Ellen reaches for some champagne and glasses …
Ellen: “You don’t have to answer that. Let’s just toast with champagne.”
Mariah: “But they’ve been saying that since … Oh, I can have some champagne. It’s just fattening.”
Ellen: “You can have some champagne?”
Mariah: “That’s not champagne. You can’t have it on TV. … I can’t believe you did this to me Ellen.”
Ellen: “What? I’m not going to ask you if you’re pregnant or not.”

Ellen pours the champagne.
Ellen: “No, let’s toast to you not being pregnant.”
Mariah: “Oh my goodness. I can’t believe her. … (laughing). Why would we toast to that? How about to the future? For both of our futures. Who knows what they hold?”
Ellen: “Who knows? All right. Go ahead. Cheers.”
Mariah: “It’s too early for me. I only drink after 3:00 pm.”
(Mariah pretends to drink the champagne)
Ellen: “You’re pregnant.”
Mariah: “I didn’t say that. No, no, no. … We will let you know when we’re going to have a family.”


We just don’t beleive you mariah.  We have never seen you dressed so wholesome…

m n nick nip2 Mariah And Nick In Paris.  Is Mariah Practicing Hitting The Flat Notes?

Mariah seems a bit flat

Nick and Mariah were recently spotted in Paris and something in the pictures is very “noticeable”.  Mrs. Carey-Cannon still looks good, but she doesn’t have any children, and the boobies are looking a bit deflated. 

Judge for yourself, check out all the pictures after the break. [More]

mariah carey halloween firefighter Halloween With Nick and Mariah

Fire Fighters

Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon dress as fire fighters for Halloween.  Nick looks like a fire fighter and Mariah looks like a hooker.


mariah nick Mariah Dresses Her Age And Takes Hubby Nick Cannon To Stephen Hills B day Party

@ Bergdorf Goodman for Le Metier De Beaute Costmetics Launch


Nick doesn’t look so happy in this pic.  Mariah and Nick hit up Stephen Hill’s bparty then hit up Bergdorf Goodman for the launch of Le Metier De Beaute Cosmetics.   We are so happy that Mariah has covered it all up.  She is just way too sexy for us sometimes.  

mc new  video pics 101 Mariah Carey Refuses To Dress Her Age

Too Sexy for Us :{


These pics are from the set of Mariah’s new music video for her 4th single “I Stay In Love” in Las Vegas.  Mariah Carey is 38 years old and REFUSES to dress her age.  Her hubby Nick Cannon directed the video and also REFUSES to tell his wife that dressing like this and wearing coochie cutters is not cute.