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KARDASHIAN CHRISTMAS CARD The Kardashian 2010 Christmas Card

See all the pictures  from behind the scenes of the Kardashian Christmas Card. [More]

kim k photoshop 1 In The You All Ready Knew Category Of The Day, Check Out The Real Kim Kardashian

Kim K Touch Ups

Everything about Kim Kardashian isn’t fake……at least not before they photoshop the pictures.  Know we know that she has her faithful followers that will defend her to their deaths, but take a good look at these before and after pictures of her during a photo shoot.

For those ladies of you that are still out there trying to “look” like her, may we recommend a good touch up artist to edit your pictures before you receive the final product.  If you want to know what some of the more “meaner” bloggers REALLY believe about this chick that doesn’t really have a profession feel about her, take a peak up under the hood.


gabrielle union Gabrielle Spotted Out Without Man Toy, Dewayne Wade

Gabby Looking Good

Gabrielle Union was peeped at the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show This weekend in Miami Beach.  We have to give her credit, she looks good for as much drama as we hear that she keeps up.  Remember, this is the same chick that single-handedly ended Dewayne Wade’s marriage.

We still must recognize the fact that whenever she’s snapped, she’s always flawless, and furthermore she’s proof that black women almost NEVER show their real age.

Not to be outdone, Sanaa Lathan and Kim Kardashian was also pictured at the event.


kim k cassie wonder woman Who Did It Better?   .... Were Rolling With Kim K

Who Do You Like?


Both Kim K and Cassie went as wonder woman for Haloween.  Who do you think did it better?


kim kardashian plastic 1 Kim Kardashian   A BIG AZZ Liar

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Get the full scoop and photo proof….. [More]

kim kardashian toe Kim Kardashian   Big Azz, But No Rhythym

Kim and Her DWTS Partner

Our sources have revealed that Dancing With The Stars, Kim Kardashian, has been voted off of the show.  To all of you black (and some white) folk you think that having a big behind automatically qualifies you to be a dancer, let this be a lesson to you.

Some things just can’t be bought or taught. More pics and news, after the break.