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janet jackson Jermaine Mini me Dupri And Janet Jackson Are Officially Split

Janet and Jermaine are no more

Apparently “Ms. Jackson if you Nasty” and lil man JD are done.  Word on the street is she wasn’t happy with what happened during your tour that HE managed.  This is what happens when money start seeping into a “love” situation.

Didn’t J-kneehigh know that you don’t mix business and pleasure?  Peep the official scoop after the break. [More]


To All You Janet Fans, Janet and JD Clear up rumors spread on the internet that Janet broke up with him.  Check out the Video. 



janet oct 15 2008 Dizzy Janet Is Back!!! Rocks Out In Washington D.C. Last Night

Janet Is Back!!!

Last night in her first concert since her illness, Janet tells her D.C. fans:

“It feels so good to be back after being down just a little bit,”


janet jackson preggers Janet And JD Are Still Together, First Show To Be Done In Washington Today

Janet and JD Still Together

You all know that Janet Jackson was taken to a hospital a few weeks and had to cancel multiple shows during her latest tour. The official reason for her cancelling so many shows is due to a diagnosis of vertigo. However, we’re still under the impression that the only vertigo she has involves a solution that arrives 9 months later. [More]

janet jackson preggers SITN Exclusive! Janet Jacksons Cancelling Shows Due To An Oompa Loompa In The Oven

Time for a Clear Blue Easy test

You all know that Janet Jackson was taken to a hospital a few days ago and has had to cancel multiple shows during her latest tour.  One of our insiders is stating that it may be due to the fact that Ms Jackson let one of Jermain Dupri’s lil seeds take a ride up the love canal.

If this is true, not only would it explain her sudden bout with Vertigo, but it would also explain JD’s sympathy symptons from when he decided to upchuck in her lap during a recent party.  Remember, if this turns out to be true, you heard it here FIRST!



janet1 Janet Released from Hospital..  Diagnosed with being old as Hell.

Janet has been released

Janet Jackson was released from the hospital in Montreal, Canada after she was admitted to the emergency room with a “mystery ilness”.  Janet was rushed to the hospital Monday Night right before taking the stage in  Montreal on her Rock Witchutour.  It was reported that she suddenly felt ill during sound check.

Jackson was released a few hours after a breif consultation.  Sources tell us that after doing back to back shows,  Janet was exhausted.  Our Source also says that this is Janet’s first tour in 7 years and that a 42 year old Body can no longer handle what a 22 year old body can do.  Seems like Ms Jackson just needs to take a nap. [More]

janet jackson Jermaine Lilpri Makes Janet Ill

After JD, Janet

Just a day after being served up with Jermaines intestinal contents being upchucked into her lap, Ms Jackson was rushed to the hospital during rehearsal for her latest concert.

Superstar Janet Jackson has been hospitalized after falling ill shortly before a concert says a representative for the singer. According to a statement released by W&W Public Relations, the singer canceled her concert in Montreal on Monday after she “got suddenly ill” during her sound check and had to be rushed to the hospital just before show time, according to the Associated Press. The statement says Jackson is being monitored at the hospital and hopes to reschedule the show. No further information was given about Jackson’s condition. Jackson, 42, is currently on her North American, “Rock Witchu” tour.

Based on our reports, she’ll be back on stage rubbing mens faces in her crotch soon.