nene1 NeNe (Atlanta Houswife) Has Some Skeletons In Her Closet...

NeNe Leakes


Now we LOVE us some NeNe and we don’t care what they say about her.  But we just thought we would share some of the things being said about her.

The leading ladies of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” were interviewed on CBS 46 Atlanta with Jonathan Jaxson, and our source was able to get some serious information that will not be aired. 

We have found out that NeNe Leakes had an affair on her husband Greg on several occasions. The two originally met while Leakes was an exotic dancer in Atlanta (WHOA!). She rented the home you see in the show and no longer lives in it. Apparently, Leakes only did the show to get into Hollywood.  “Having my real estate company with my husband and my foundation and all the things that I have my hands into, I thought it would be a great way to get my name and my face and my businesses out there…I would love to do a talk show, something that is fun and funny. People could really come on and be themselves and we could really get down and talk really dirty, not the whole conservative shit like Oprah or Tyra,” Leakes said.

She also did an interveiw with Essence check it out after the break

nene NeNe (Atlanta Houswife) Has Some Skeletons In Her Closet...

NeNe Leaks Essence

Check out the very interesting interview Essence did with Nene….I figured Nene and Sheree wouldn’t ever be cool again, but it’s good some positivity came from the show with Nene’s foundation!! 

ESSENCE.COM: NeNe, the show has become such a hit! Without giving away too much, what can we expect from the rest of this season on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”?

NENE LEAKES: You will see alliances change among the girls and find out whether or not Curtis is my father. When I found out the results of the DNA test, I [was] surprised, and you will also see my son going off to college at Clark Atlanta University.

ESSENCE.COM: There has definitely been some conflict between you and a couple of the other ladies on the show. What are your relationships like with Sheree and Kim today?

LEAKES: We are cordial. Sheree and I will probably never be the same. We’ve known each other the longest-seven years. I avoid making the same mistake twice. I don’t think that we’ll ever have the same relationship again, but we are cordial [because] we have to work together. And Kim is something else. She is a piece of work. As an adult, I’ve learned that I like to be around women when the friendship is stress-free. Since the show has ended, I’m closest to Lisa. I do feel as though my relationship with Kim’s daughter Brielle has been strained somewhat as a result [of my relationship with her mother]. I really do love Brielle, she and I really clicked when we first met, so it is kind of hard for me.

ESSENCE.COM: Since we last spoke, rumors have circulated on the Web about you having once been an “exotic dancer.” Is this true?

LEAKES: Well, you know I don’t read the blogs, but I dance every night at home for Gregg [my husband] and he loves it. (Laughs.) I don’t have a pole, but I dance around this silk plant in the corner.
ESSENCE.COM: (Laughs.) Alrighty then! Your husband, Gregg, is not a ball player, but a successful businessman, which is refreshing on the show. What exactly does he do and how do you keep the fire going after 11 years of marriage?

LEAKES: You don’t have to date an athlete to be successful. Gregg is a real estate investor. When I first met him he owned several cellular phone businesses, and then he got into flipping houses. Since the market is so bad in Atlanta right now, we are pursuing other ventures together as entrepreneurs. I like smart men. (Laughs.) I am his second wife and he’s 13 years older than me. He supports me. I think communication is key, so I don’t like to argue with Gregg.

ESSENCE.COM: As you know, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. What is your organization, The Twisted Hearts Foundation, doing to promote awareness?

LEAKES: Lisa and I are writing a book together and already have a title, “Battered But Not Broken.” We’re just going to tell a little bit of both of our stories of [surviving] violent relationships. And then on the show I had my first annual Big Hat Brunch. This year we raised about $45,000, as you will see on a future episode, and next year I hope to raise $150,000. We’re going to invite even more women. I also volunteer at a shelter in Atlanta called My Sister’s House. I help serve food to women there who have been displaced and I mentor as well. There are a lot of young girls, as young as 20, at My Sister’s House who have already been victims of domestic violence.

ESSENCE.COM: How were you a victim of domestic violence?

LEAKES: I was in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend. It was really bad and it took me a while to finally break out of the relationship. He had a night job at the time so I was able to sneak out into a new apartment [that he didn't know the address to] while he was at work. I knew that he could not know where I lived. I had to go into hiding for a while. That was how I finally got away. He was very abusive when we were together; he busted my car windows, flattened my tires. I thought I was in love with this fool. I was very young and confused. I would try to break up with him, but he didn’t like to take no for an answer. I really wanted it to work.

ESSENCE.COM: One last thing before we go. What do you have to say to those readers who think you are “ghetto”?

LEAKES: Oh, yeah, I love that one. I’m okay with it. If keeping it real is ghetto, then I’m ghetto. I am not a fake person and I’m not about to change. I’m the life of the party, chile.


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  1. Cake

    She so close to Lisa but Lisa is the one who told Sheree about the song Ne Ne made up and then Sheree told Kim…It was only out of Lisa and Deshawn but DeShawn was slow to catch on….I like the show, when can we get a second season?? P.S who knew that Lisa was married and has kids with Keith Sweat??

  2. blackexec

    I read on another website that lisa and keith sweat were married before.

  3. Tamara Butler

    She was married to Keith Sweat back in the day. He was the one who was abusive to her. But crazily they have two kids together and because he had money he won custody of both of their kids so he is raising them. P.S. Did you guys know she is from Inglewood, Ca. she grew up with my boyfriend they went to Morningside High School. First she dated Teddy Riley then married Keith Sweat, now she is married again


    Well, Lisa has it going on so I am not surprised they all wanted to marry her. Either way, I ‘m glad she got the hell away from Keith Sweat because her current hubby, Ed Hartwell, seems likes a real keeper..Lisa hit the jackpot in my opinion. Anytime, you got a man making homemade chicken noodle soup because she was sick…..I’m tryin’ meet me a NFL baller!! haha Also, I don’t care what anyone has to say about NeNe..she is definetely the life of the party. I would want her around for sure! Sometimes I burst out laughing on some of the things she says. I hope her hairstylist/friend, Dwight, will be on the reunion show too.


    Kim= is a broke down mannikin
    Lisa=beautiful,bout her business,but keep shit stirred up from the sideline then wants everyone “to be nice”…
    Sheree=A FAKE PLASTIC PONY!!!!
    Deshawn=real ditzy,needs to stay humble bout her ends before it all gets taken away….
    Ne-Ne=Blabber mouth but Da truth…
    I love me some housewives…Its sad that all the negativity is slowly coming out about each and every one of them except for Deshawn.. Havent got the dish on her or her man yet…Im sure its coming next!!!!!!

  6. kels


  7. Chivon

    Nene I have gained so much strength from you just by watching the show. You are such an inspiration to some many women. Keep up the good work and dont let the ladies on the show get the best of you. There going to regret the way they treated you most of all Kim and Sheree. Sheree is so selfish, she doesn’t value friendships at all.

  8. ClassMate

    I went to High School with NeNe in Athens, GA. Even then she was keeping it real. She was the loud funny one.

  9. Angel

    I am a fan of Housewives of Orange County but when Bravo came up with Housewives of Atlanta I was excited and couldn’t wait to watch it being a Black African American Woman myself it is a show that I can relate too..and believe it or not I have watched it over and over again making sure I didn’t miss anything that someone said durning the show… not even the slightest little thing…So now… what is my conclusion of this show is… All I can is HOT HOT HOT… I love it! and despite all the negative things that people say about the housewives of Atlanta..remember we are all living in the real world and these women have their share of life’s up and downs just like the rest of one is perfect…. infact we as black people instead of being judgemental and putting one another down we need to be more supportive of our black people and that includes the housewives of Atlanta…Oh and talking about skeltons in the lol…Yea! so tell me which one of you are perfect…So to my Sister’s the Housewives of Atlanta…Keep your head up.. I love you all and I pray that God pour out a window full of blessings upon all of you and your families opening up many doors to the road of much success…Peace and Blessings Angel

  10. Lori

    NeNe..what can I say? You would be a joy to have as a friend any day any time. At first glance I thought you were – well let’s say…loud and obnoxious. I was wrong. You are a breath of fresh air without any pretence. would think with your money you could buy a personality. You appear to be as fake as the eyelashes I glued on this morney. Kim, I’m still trying to figure out why you were on the show…intrigue??? Big Poppa? Big Loser, both of you.

  11. that girl 74

    Who cares if NeNe was a stripper! She did what she had to do to get by. People are always saying she is ghetto. Maybe she is, but she sure put some flavor in the show.



  13. brooklyn


  14. kathy

    NeNe is my girl-ILOVE HER she is the bomb. Nene is a loud mouth with plenty to say,if you have never experience hardship in your life-you will never understand NeNe. I Love Greg he is a sweet man and supportive of NeNe even if she does embrass him in public. Greg thanks for keeping it real and standing by your woman.

  15. bbbie

    Nene your a strong black woman–I Love everything that happen on the show. You are trooper, expressing your feelings and emotion; especially about your father. Don’t thrive on the fact that you do not know who your real father; it will come to you soon. Love always Aunt Bobbie.

  16. Sandy

    I sat in a booth next to NeNe and Greg at a resturant here in Atlanta recently and I didn’t know she was there until my husband recognized Greg. She is a really sweet person. I was able to speak to her at length and she talks to you as though she has known you all of her life. She is a personable and not loud as portrayed on the show. NeNe and Greg are a very nice couple and he definitely has her back. Sheree wished she had someone. Any man that has seen on the show and gets into a relationship with that gold digger gets what he deserves, as for Kim, no rhyme or reason why she was on the show, maybe it was reverse affirmitave action, Lisa seems to love the spotlight, but she has a good life and a good man, I “ain’t” mad at her, and poor Deshawn, seems she wants to be liked be everyone and will not say anything that shows she stands on anyone’s side. I just wish she would stop speaking as though her jaws are wired shut, maybe they are….and DeShawn, please don’t put Bishop Long in that position ever again. I have to believe he didn’t know the substance of the show when he and April decided to be on video.

  17. Minister Ray

    I will be in prayer for ALL of the housewives, especially NeNe and for Kim’s success. I really pray that Kim will quit smoking and will attend that vocal boot camp, and that Sheree ges her clothing line off the ground. I found lisa’s actions on he reunion show somewhat suprizing but I have to say I loved DeShawn’s composure. She really handled herself well and is a true lady.

    Much Love!
    Miniter Ray – Houston, TX

  18. Farren

    Nene is fab – we need more real pipple on tv . . . and we all love skeletons in the closets – it’d make all the tv talking more indulgent

  19. Janell Little

    Girl I love you you are real .

  20. Khandi

    I really enjoyed the show. I think that Ne Ne is a real down to earth women that does not let anyone define who she is. You have to either like her or hate her See, some people can’t handle the truth. Ne Ne’s humor is funny and raw and if you are a weak person you would not be able to handle her. Sharee was a real disapointment. I think she got classy confuesed. She showed us that she is bitter women. To say nasty things about Ne Ne was down right mean. and to team up with trash(Kim) was a realy shame. Kim showed the world that she is a in house gardening tool. Here she is on TV thanking someone elses husband for gifts. That girl couldn’t sing her way out of a garbage bag. DeShawn has a heart of gold. I enjoyed her spirit and her personality. Lisa, what a hard working women. I enjoyed her drive to achieve what she wanted and how she displayed love for her husband. They seem to be a cool coupe you could hang around with and just be real. Lisa didn’t flaunt her wealth.

    Overall, I think the show was balanced. You had your good, your bad and your ugly. I look forward to the next season


    I”AM hooked, can’t wait for season 2.

  22. Janice

    Overall I really enjoyed the Real Atlanta Housewives. I would really love to meet NeNe in person and tell her truthfully what I think about her and the other ladies for that matter. No one on the show wanted to give NeNe true credit for what a remarkable person she is. I really like NeNe. I don’t care if she danced naked on Peachtree St., she had a really attractive softer side to her that I bet no one noticed. I could go on about NeNe, but I don’t want to take anytime away from Sheree. Now that is the one everyone needs to watch out for. She had the nerve to say NeNe looked drag. Everytime Sheree tried looking sexy while posing taking pictures I thought I was looking at a transvestite. Ain’t nothing soft about Sheree. With her big feet. Do you think that’s why the man left? Did she ever get the seven figure amount. And Kim made a plum fool out of her when she kept telling her she’s beautiful. Sheree looked alright, but she still look drag. I think Kim knew people were going to disagree and that was her way of instigating stuff. Sheree is full of hot air and no personality. Lisa was fine, so what if she keep up mess. DeShawn is not hardcore and made to mistake being on the show. I liked DeShawn, but I do wish she would take some of Eric’s money and invest it in getting her month unzipped or maybe she needs speach lessons. Kim looked and behaved like a uneducated prostitute on crack. That was so like a blonde wigged no singing ditz buying a big-a white pimped out Escalade.

  23. Mocha

    I think Nene made the show. I truly loved her outlook on life, and it is my prayer that she will come to grips with getting to know her father. There is nothing like knowing the truth. Like Nene, I like keeping it real. People have a tendency to not like or respect you when you’re yourself and when I say that I mean if you first of all be true to yourself then people will be true to you. That’s why Sheree and Kim couldn’t hang w/Nene. While Sheree is trying to be all up in the air and fly she needed to have a handle on how her kids look. That was awful, she’s looking all fly and the kids like “death on a roller skate”. Her son could use an orthodontist the teeth are out there quite a bit, and come on, braids for her daughter. She needs to be brought down a couple of notches. Kim, oh well just another white girl trying to fit in where she can get in. Can’t sing, man whoever signs her must as tone deaf as she is. DeShawn I thought was the quite timid one but I liked her as well, she kept it real as well, but in a different manner than NeNe. Lisa is my kind of woman. Both she and NeNe after coming out of bad relationships and now the both of them have men in their lives that are not only supportive but are there for them. I’m looking foward to the next season. Hats off to the Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe, keep being yourself. May the blessings of the Lord be upon each of you and the endeavors that you’re reaching for.

  24. don youth

    nene u did it girl bigup

  25. Lawntawndra

    Ne Ne was a Stripper? Having affairs…She loves to Tramp it up….Ne Ne Leakes Jones Im keeping up with her..

  26. Mom of Boston and Yorkie

    NeNe is my favorite of the ladies. I’m a middle aged white woman. I loved the show and look forward to future episodes. NeNe is real and tells it like it is…Kim the blonde needs to get a reality check who is she kidding? She can’t sing, shouldn’t smoke, is a bad role model for her girls messing around with a married man…need I go on? Ugh can’t stand her.
    Sheree….um…she is so full of herself she makes me laugh. Lisa and the other lady are awesome love them all….just Kimmie needs to be replaced….not right for the show there has to be someone else out there that can fill her shoes!!!

    NeNe! You go girl! I like you the best!

  27. Kat

    We all should remember that Kim is a mother…and her kids love her. I’m sure they have read these comments here ..making fun of their mother. That stuff can really hurt children. Kim is just another mother trying to give her kids the best life she can.
    When you write this about one of God’s children…please think first…you can do a lot of damage.
    What would Jesus do?

  28. A~Lo

    Ne-Ne= Is a Dirty Nappy Chicken head!!! and is oh-so Ghetto!!!!! quit Trampin around girl!!
    Sheree’= Is a self-centered concieted woman that needs to get layed and quit tryin’ to be a Designer.
    Kim= Needs to get a new WIG!!!! girl that shit looks like road kill on your head!! and lay off the Make-up you look like a DRAG-QUEEN!!!!
    Deshawn= Needs a BACKBONE!!! she’s a total pushover…
    Lisa= Needs to lay off the crack for breakfast girl…She’s a bit overwhelming.

  29. Jessie

    Nene is is so fake….and loud and ghetto….you can tell she has no class…..and no money….all that she had was rented and after the show she got evicted…..good for her….thats for keeping it real nene….lol….

  30. DIVA


  31. Brooklynite


  32. Angel

    Yes, let’s talk about Kim…the statement was made and quote: We all should remember that Kim is a mother….NO! Kim should be the one to remember that she is a mother! Messing around with a married man…Come on now…like that’s not enough to hurt her kids? Children are smart these just can’t fool them! When Kim teamed up with the show she knew that her kids would be subjected to all kinds of talk but some people will do anything for money regardless of the fact. I am a mother myself and I will always protect my children and no amount of money in the world would make me do otherwise…Plus I am not a smoker and don’t allow smoking in my house and Kim should know that 2nd hand smoke kills
    “Sheree needs to be layed”….No! that is not the answer to problems…. Now she has the potentials of becoming a designer but need to go to school in the field that she loves so much..She can certainly do a little more soul seaching… and attitude who cares!
    As for NeNe losing her home..One should never gloat over something like that…Karma always come back to bite in one way or another..
    DeShawn… is not me she seems to be someone who has never been around/and or involved with bunch of must remember DeShawn is a Christian…
    So let the show go on! and all the women stay if they choose! BRAVO loves all the reactions it get’s from people like us. that’s why the housewives of Atl is going to have a second season and I say BRAVO!

  33. Lady T

    I enjoyed the first season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Thanks BravoTv for really spicing things up a little. I’ve also began watching Housewives of Orange County. However, nothing compares to the “Atlanta Housewives” because of the diverse cast and all that comes along with diversity. I’m sure each of us has a favorite housewife, but I could honestly see a little of myself in each housewife! The one that closely or best fits me would be Lisa Wu Hartwell because I too have so many different “careers” or means of making money. I did take the quiz to only to be told that I am most like Sheree…it had to be simply because I like nice and elegant things as well. I would have to say that Sheree is who I differ with most and this was such an insult to me. Nevertheless, I look forward to yet another season!

  34. Tomara

    The housewives of atlanta was very juicy to me.First of all nene may be ghetto but thats part of the black heratige even though any race could be that. Hell I like nene she’s blunt and you gotta respect that. I think she really did care for Kim , the reason she sang that song is because she was hurt by how kim tried to play her. I mean it would of been one thing if Kim and sheree were friends prior to the fall out between ne ne and sheree, but she pursued that friendship. Kim seemed like she only wanted to be sheree friend because of what she thought she represented, but she’s boring and I bet she miss ne ne the grass is not always greener on the other side. I mean i only seen what they showed on tv, but sheree is fake she ghetto too. I saw that episode when she said she would kick everybodies ass in the store if anybody had her dress.” Okay keeping it classy.” Be real do you sheree ,oh but what are you ?clothes., so far that’s all you seem to have going for you, But that’s just going off your words and actions. Just let yourself go you’ll love it NeNe does it and thats why people love her. and lisa you are the bomb i like you .your heart is good but you mess up sometimes, hell keep it real who does not gossip. I know you wasn’t trying to start anything. I hope your marriage is successful Eat your heart out Kieth Sweat. You go girl he tried to tear you down because you were beautiful inside and out, but you moved on baby and your man is fine fine fine.

  35. TEE-TEE28

    I loved the show I think Ne-Ne was cool she is a tell it like it is type of person. Now for SHeree and Kim they were to busy kissing each others asses it clouded their brains a little. Kim can’t sing and the fact that she turned her back on her so called girl Ne-Ne was crap. Nene is herself I knew from the first episode the kind of person nene was and I said to each is own that is her personality and I love it so the fact that Kim wants to act so shocked and turn her back on Nene was fake she let SHE ree gas her up. She-ree is wack when she didn’t have her makeup on she was tore up from the floor up. Sheree needs to eat a plate of humble pie who gives a damn about seven figures its not gonna keep you warm at night. Kim needs to know a married man cheats on his wife with you, you R always gonna be a mistress. I hope she dont think she will ever be wife quality because that Karma is gonna come back and bite you on the ass. Kim is a disgrace for lying about the fact she has cancer or that she is sick, that is nothing to play with there are real sick people you know. Lisa is beautiful and who cares if she told Kim big deal. THe fact that it is said that the housewives are having real estate problems its to be expected the economy is messed up if The publishers waring house dude lost his crib. Now the reason why Deshawn talks like that is because you can tell she got some dental work and she has not adjusted to her new teeth yet … but she is the timid one of the bunch all friends have one but Deshawn needs to know how to invest that money more wisely or she gonna make that ship sink nothing lasts forever with the way this economy is going. Next time do more research and take your time and include people that are going to make you aware of the little mistakes.
    Overall the season was great I loved it it would not have been a hit without the drama. Nene keep keeping it real.

  36. Nick

    NeNe is one of the UGLIEST SKANK HOS ever on reality television.

    What kind of lame ass strip club would allow her to dance?

    Her ugly personality matches her ugly MUG.

    Go away.

  37. Alex

    I dont believe a word of this. I read the essence interview.. She said nothing about hollywood. She said her foundation for women who have been abused. Get your facts straight.

  38. Ghetto_Chancelor

    Nene is ghetto. Too bad you can’t buy class.

    And now we find out she was a stripper. Damm, she isn’t even that pretty. She is the ugliest one there.

  39. crystal

    I like nene and so what if she was a stripper. i think alot of ppl are just hateing and need to get a life and stay out of her life

  40. Ariee

    she’s putting bitches back in there place. lol
    Sheere is sooo fake and phonny and fyi her fashion line is tacky like her!

  41. ***** chick

    As for the overrall show rating….I loved the show, “NENE” is my girl no matter what no one think or says about her, she made the show and I look forward too next season. Keep up the good work NENE LEAKES, you are the BOMB….

  42. Donna

    I hope Ne Ne realizes what a class act her husband is. I also hope that the rumors of the affairs are not true and if they are, girl, you are one lucky woman if he has forgiven you. I would love to have a man like that any day. He supports you and says nothing negative – that is one gem that can’t be appraised in $$$$$

  43. Sistah Pastah

    Ne Ne is as wise as a serpent and I’m sure that Sheree did not pull one over on her with her gossiping BS! Sheree is lying on Kim and hopefully Kim gives Sheree just what she deserves, a swift kick up her butt. Sheree can’t even remember the lies that she’s told. I have to say, any mother who would swear on the lives of her only two children has to have some depth of truth to what she’s professing. NENE do yourself a quick service and drop SHEREE like the bad habit that she is!… I love you and I am always praying for you. Your biggest fan, SISTAH PASTAH,

  44. Sistah Pastah


  45. Ann


  46. TheTruth

    nene is da shittt the coolest housewife of em all then lisa…..then sheree……kims only on the show cause of her sugar-daddy (lee najar) who she broke up w/ it anyway soo shes broke and got no-one to support herlvavish lifestyle…… fucks w/ nene!!!


    Greg Leakes convicted 2002 for bad checks and shoplifting.
    Was under Dispossess back in 2007 for the same home they were removed from in Dec 08
    Has several judgments filed against him and now defunct company Advantage Move LLc.

    Has Process Servers looking for him now that he has moved out of the Atlanta mansion..but is unable to be found at the condo listed in court docs…..

    You can take them out of the hood but….

  48. ko ko


  49. ko ko


  50. Sistahs, Please! – Just Who Are These Ladies Representing?!?!? « Blacks Behaving Badly

    [...] On top of that, there are rumors (my hair stylist tipped me to this one!) that Ms. Leakes may have stepped out on her husband (with a NFL player who is younger than she is!) Read this interesting take on the whole [...]

  51. Eric


    Keep doing what you are doing. I’m proud of you.

    Eric (California)

  52. Jeanette(missouri)

    How can ppl put skin color for a persons charater. Sure she is black, I am white,but I look foward to the show ,mainly because of her,she’s not perfect (who is),but her heart is so apparrent ,how she cares and dotes on ppl. I am in a way have the same traits as wanting all too be happy, which we can’t, but still try. If ppl have to come on blogs to swear and complain…….take a chill pill and don’t watch if she upsets you. I too think Kim is self centered, and her girls will see how there mom is what she is,and Sheree too. I love the realationship with NeNe and Lisa. I don’t watch because of the bling and the money, it’s the tenderside of a few ppl who are real.

  53. CmcBryde

    NeNe, I LOVE you the MOST!Do you have a lazy eye? Also, are part of your bottom teeth missing?Just a girlfriend wanted to help you out, you’re the best housewife ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. CmcBryde

    Nene, Are you missing bottom teeth and what about the lazy eye? Can you have these fixed.You are the best housewife EVER.Girlfriend to girlfriend, not personal-just to help, you look GREAT!!!

  55. CmcBryde

    NeNe, Your appearance is looking good.Are you going to have corrective eye surgery/ Concerned,Cathy:) U r the best hwife!

  56. Nikki

    I just want to say I loved the show and cat wait for season 2. I am more so a fan of Mrs Leakes whom I purchased her book which is the real deal. I have so much respect fo NeNe and myself who is a single mother of 2, whom is getting married summer of 2010 to my youngest child father. I realy understand your book in alot of points, and wanted to say thank you for writing the book about real topics that alot of women are dealing wit every day.
    Even though they may be too affriad to say somthing. I look to seeing more form you NeNe in the upcoming years.
    I hope to oneday be as bleesed as you have become.
    Your Bigist Fan!!!!

  57. bobbijo

    nene please fix your missing teeth your crooked eye and no way your a size 10 your ass is like a 18 or 20 fool no one i know your a fat ass man looking chic ex stripper you got a big mouth and talk so much shit if i were a housewife on your show i would whip yo call yourself a celeb you aint ish but a busted lookin chic

  58. bobbijo

    i guess everyone notices your missin teeth have you ever herad the saying put your money where your mouth is ??Litarally ?????????????????? by the way is your husband gay too ????????he looks like he is tired of you and your smelly ass

  59. bobbijo

    i know a few real housewifes in ATL most of them cook clean stay home and do what housewives do you dont do shit in your home come live in my mansion for a day you would never be able to keep up with my housewife tasks……………… you wash windows cook everyday a 3 course meal and screw your husbands brains out?????????// well if you answered all three yes then your a real housewife……untill then you a peice of furniture in your house

  60. bobbijo

    NENE :UGLY FAT ASS MISSING TEETH CROOKED EYE WIG WEARING lying bitch claims she is a size 10 maybe her shoes …….oh your not a celeb mama
    Kim:I like her but i feel bad for her Kim get rid of that watch please Rich FOLKS ladies I mena dont wear mens watches everysingle day …………But i like you …I would have your back if i was in ATL no one would mess with you
    Sheree:Nose looks like a PENIS and those sideburns please fix yourself body of a 25 year old and face of a divorce……The body of marriage face of divorce whoa your busted and how bout the kid you had at 15 “you call your Friend” what kind of woman are you ???????????
    Kandi:I like you your humble and i love that god will always bless you i see your heart ….
    LISA :SO you lost your home and now your broke are you gonna be a crack ho again …….

  61. Callie

    I used to like Ne Ne, she was actually one of my favorites, But now that ghetto ass bitch has really pissed me off! She called Kandi ghetto or “hood” what she should have called her was “real”. Ne ne, Sheree and Kim are all fake ass bitches who need to find a clue. All they do is talk about each other so why be around each other? Kandi is the only one that I haven’t seen or heard talkin about anybody. Keep that shit real Kandi! Us hood girls gotta stick together!! Do U BOO!

  62. tr

    pig trailer trash getto from metro Atl.

  63. Pott54

    Love NeNe, love the show–from the very beginning to now. All of the “Housewives” series had to “kick it up a notch” when Atlanta came along. The Atlanta Housewives are the most popular according to most polls–and a favorite even among some of the other Housewives from other series–NO thanks to you holding-up-the-race Negroes always wanting to call anything and everything Black folks do “ghetto”–especially when they keep it “real” and show a true range of emotion instead of imitating YOUR white idols. SHUT UP! And who cares if they’re rich or not—THEY ARE NOW! LOL! And for the record–some of the housewives on the other series weren’t/aren’t rich either; SO WHAT’ YOUR DAMN POINT.

    YOU haters need to stfu–that’s why most of you can’t get anywhere in your own lives–too busy hatin.’ I say to you, in-the-name-of-NeNe—BAM! LOL!

  64. glenn

    Ne Ne you are a hater….you hate all the other women for what they have and what you will never. Be real to yourself and live in the life that you have. I dont think you know what you were getting your self into when you joined the cast. The fact that other ladies have more than you do should not make you into a monster. Be good to yourself and stop making your self into your own worst enemy.

  65. Bravo Fabulous

    Nene, eventually Bravo fans saw your true spirit come out progressively through the show. You tried to blame the Bravo show editors for making you look like a villain. No Nene – the fact is Bravo fans saw what you truly are = a Lumpy Moose who is a Rotten Atlanta Peach to the core! Regarding assault: Kim including anyone who is has been physically assaulted by you should have had you arrested. You are a hypocrite, you were a victim of violence yet were and are are violent toward others, verbally and physically. You are a poor representative of victims, even though Twisted Hearts and the Heel the Soul- Stiletto Woman is rooted in good intentions, you tarnish it all due to your violent bulling behavior on the the show. Bravo executives, please kick her off the show! Nene in negotiations with her own show = disgusting!

  66. Pott54

    BRAVO FABULOUS—SHUT THE HELL UP! NeNe hasn’t done anything to be kicked off the show. If she goes–THEN THEY ALL NEED TO GO! LOVE THE HELL OUT OF NE-NE–nice to see an African-American woman not trying to be a facsimile of white women and white folks. She’s funny, fiesty, and just right down FABULOUS – LOVE HER! And yes—she’s down for a fight-or-two if necessary—GET OVER YOURSELF!

    If they get rid of anyone it needs to be THAT LYING ASS WHORE–KIM. Why is she even in with this group? I don’t see BRAVO “integrating” the other Housewive Series. Why did they feel compelled to throw a TRANSVESITE lookiing white woman into the mix with these beautiful sisters.

    And to all of you NEGROES calling black folks GHETTO because they’re fiesty, expressive, and colorful–GO BITE YOURSELF you ignorant self-loathing TWITS. ALL of these beautiful sisters are classy and doing their thing and being themselves—LOVE IT. Because of the ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES all of the other Housewive series have had to kick it up a notch—GO ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES—ingnore the dumb, self-loathing darkie haters!


    These women are loud & obnoxious. Just because you have a opinion, doesn’t mean you have to make sure everyone knows it. They seem uneducated and petty. I dont think watching women act like 12 year olds is very entertaining. It’s just like a train wreck. They are all fake. They pretend to be wealthy socialites when in reality they act more like welfare cases. Not one of them shows the slightest amount of grace or class. They are prime examples of southern trailer trash.

  68. Pott54

    GOLDENMOLE SAID: “Just because you have a opinion, doesn’t mean you have to make sure everyone knows it.”

    You dumb a$$ twit—BUT IT’S OK FOR YOU TO COME ON THIS SITE AND LET EVERYONE KNOW YOURS – LOL! You’re the epitome of DUMBNESS. That one statement alone shows that you’re about as intelligent as a BOX-OF-ROCKS – lol! The Housewives of Atlanta are just like all of the other Housewive Series——PURE ENTERTAINMENT—get over yourself twit!

    And for YOUR INFORMATION–the only trailer trash on the Housewives of Atlanta is KIM – LOL! They should move her over with the other “Trailer Park” hussies—THE HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY – HA!

  69. Lewanna

    Nene is the HBIC!

  70. Bravo Fabulous

    Pott54 – I stand by my comments = equally as you have the right to express yours, I have the equal right to express mine. Look deeper people – even you all did not realize that Black women are portrayed poorly on the show. Look at the media, either they are the, best friend, on drugs, living in the ghetto surviving, a victim, the woman on the side, or the smart talking soul sister. Nene made black women look ghetto as ****. Congrats Nene for selling out your own race, and carrying on the prejudiced views of the world. Nene is a ******* moose.

  71. Vivacious

    To the people who think Lisa so wonderful…how you know she lose custody of her kids because Keith got more money? Do not front like all mothers are great and innocent. That heffer was a crackhead and attack her husband. There more to the real Lisa and now she going to fight for custody of the kids? Why did she wait more than 3 years to do this? She is a lousy broker in the real estate business and Ed is unemployed so they trying for another baby. Brokeass! That is so hotdamn ghetto like they trying so they can get welfare!

    Nene is a hypocrite she do not represent no black sisters with her narcississtic and sociopathic ways. She dissed way too many people in Hollywood and it will come back on her. She was messing with Gregg when he was a married man. Who give anyone here or where ever to judge Kim when Nene done the same thing? Nene just jealous that Kim got a wealthy sugardaddy while she stuck with a brokeazz she stolen from another woman. It is Gregg’s ex-wife last laugh that he broke and Nene have to keep up a front hanging on to a marriage full of financial and legal problems. Sheree full of herself that she thinks she better than everybody. I loved Kandi, girlfriend is the one sister on the show keeping it real.

  72. Pott54

    BRAVO FABULOUS—you’re a BRAVO IDIOT. LEWANNA–you’re absolutely RIGHT–NeNe is the HBIC–Head Bitch In Charge – LOL! Luv it!

    BRAVIO FABULOUS– Not one black woman on that show is GHETTO–now don’t get it wrong–they can go there if they have to. I think it is YOU and the other LOOKING-OUT-FOR-THE-RACE assholes who do a disservice to African-Americans in that everytime an African-American acts as an INDIVIDUAL, you always come with that “they’re representing the race poorly” mess. You can’t get it through your thick-ass skulls that those beautiful brown women represent NO ONE BUT THEMSELVES–they ARE NOT trying to be ROLE MODELS for YOU and anyone else–YOU’RE TOO BIG to be needing ROLE MODELS–grow the hell up twit!

    I just love the way YOU and the others are so quick to use tired old STEREOTYPEs when describing these “sistas” BUT you find nothing WRONG with the behavior of KIM (THE BIG LIAR FAKE HUSSIE) or the other housewives from the other series. I don’t see YOU labeling the Orange County group as a bunch of trailer-trash FAKE blonde bimbos or the New Jersey bunch as HARD-LOOKING Mafiasso Dagos. All of those series have women who are struggling financially and who have things in their “past” that they prefer would stay in the closet.

    You all can say what you want about the Housewives of Atlanta–those “sistas” are a HIT–even the other HOUSEWIVES watch them–so as NeNe would say—BAM–take that!

    …and VIVACIOUS–you need to get a life for real. Who gives a damn about all of that you’re talking about pertaining to NeNe and Lisa—it’s old news twit – LOL!

  73. Bravo Fabulous

    Nene has chronic diarrhea of the mouth, cause she has shit for brains! Hate her rotten atlanta peach core, mooseface looking bitch with a skunk ass hairstyle. Worst representation of a black woman on TV!!!

  74. muna gassama

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  75. Destany

    Umm bravo fabulous you need to shut up dats probably how yo mama look. You not gone be tlkn bout ne-ne while im on here cuz ne-ne is my gurl.Now i wish ne-ne would hunt you down and just thrax you cuz you talkin bout her like dat you better be glad i’m not ne-ne now say something else bout her

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  77. neo

    i like nene shes a strong funny person … she makes thing a lot more funny, if i were her friend i would never be boring, shes truth to what she say and she a diva! love u girl,.. and i like your attitude you accept the fact lisa a half asian and black, your a good friend of her, more power… p.s. your a good wife and mother too..

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  79. Paulene Karpe

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  80. Madame Butterfly

    Luv u NeNe…you know how to deal with girls that r fake! Sheree u r not a DIVA just a wanna be with NO CLASS…hope u get the not 6 but 7 figures cause that is what you will need to get a REAL Greg or Ed…$ doesn’t make CLASS…u r born with it! Lisa stop disrespecting yourself climbing on NeNe’s lap, etc. stay out of it! U R Passive Aggressive most times unless u r making veiled threats otherwise I luv u 2. Kim I would say grow up but you r young and unwise…just work on not smoking and being a great example and mother (and not in that order), like a LOT of parents…your children r smarter than U. DeShawn I haven’t seen u long enuf to comment but I like what I’ve seen thus far. All of u could stand to stop spending so much money and just continue to be GIRLS HAVING FUN without hurting or disrespecting each other…then and only then would u b REPRESENTING!!!

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  82. Toni W

    NeNe is the HHHottesstt thing going on reality TV.!!!!!!! I want my Nephew who is fine as Hell to get a hold of her and turn her out because obviously she hasnt met her match, thats why she keeps talking that southern shit. We do it different in Chicago. That Chick sheree or whatever her name is. is oneof the phoniest women of the 21st century!!Kandi is nice, but her song style is not going to land her a new career.. She needs to do some make overs, to explore her voice range. She is living in her own time warp. Ne Ne was right, Kim talks to her assistant like a doggggg!!! and that girl should be EMMMBaRRASSEd! Kandi’s hair looks terrible in that Red, the blonde looks good, and she should never appear on TV w/o her hair laid.Phadra’s lips are too big for bronze lipstick , but i like the way she is her own individual.Leon’s ex girl, the Model doesnt love the dude. The Marriage will not last, She cries entirely too much for a real black woman on TV.I love you Ne Ne Kick ass every time that you can, with words!!!!!

  83. janese

    Nee nee is black trash. She’s loud stupid and negative. What an aunt jemima always cutting down every black woman. So many black women are praising her? No wonder you are losers and can’t get a man or fail to keep one. Mannish,whorish and crab nasty. If I were a man I wouldn’t touch you that crass, craziness is hell to live with. I’m an older woman from another era I’m thankful I don’t have anything like leakes in my family. She is awful the housewives need to get jobs working with women who are just like themselves as their bosses. They would not last a day.

  84. Denise Matteau

    Love when they call NeNe a MOOSE because that is what she is. No class ghetto ape. Loud, crude, lying, fake and no class. God I hate that black big nosed mammy. No wonder she ran off the Apprentice in total disgrace. She made a complete fool of herself. She’s a ghetto loser with her FAKE CHARITY. I HATE NENE NIGGA.

  85. Adrienne Kennedy

    Ne Ne Im with you all the way girl, stay yourself and keep on truckin baby

  86. sirwinston

    So, all of the expensive homes, clothings, cars, her being rich living in rich communities is all a lie. Her buying her son a car with cash/check, making as if she is the “Jones” all is a lie. Complaining about being rich and honest, is all a lie. So she lives in a townhouse; don’t own the vehicles she drives, trying to be up there…according to the news who investigated this whole ne ne thing…….make you wonder is she still “pole” dancing….I am just saying….!

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